Dr. Desmon Daniel


When it comes to electrifying an audience with a powerful, entertaining motivational speech, Dr. Desmon Daniel is one of the most quintessential speakers in the area. With over 25 years in the educational field, his talent and skills have heightened with every powerful and electrifying presentation. As CEO of Motivating Factor, an organization focused on motivating individuals to excel, Desmon has dedicated his specialization to: empowering individuals to achieve goals and be successful, diversity training, and leadership development and training. His motto is “Education Is A Liberating Process.”

Today Desmon serves as the Superintendent of the Pontiac Academy for Excellence. As a Saginaw, Michigan resident, Desmon credits St. Mary’s Cathedral High School with providing him with his first opportunity to speak. Even though he played recreational basketball, football, tennis, baseball and track; it was his “gift of gab” that became his passion. After graduating from high school, Desmon attained his Bachelors of Psychology and MSA from Central Michigan University. But he didn’t stop there! Following his own motto, he earned a Masters of Theology from Vanderbilt University and a PhD in Education from Capella University. Desmon is welcomed throughout corporate America and the educational community.

Today, he is a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach. His numerous awards and recognitions include the King Chavez Parks Fellow bestowed by his alumni CMU. His award winning dissertation was: “Strength for the Journey: a portrait of African American Achievers, African American Educational Leaders.”

In 2009, Desmon retired from the Bridgeport-Spaulding School District, where he served as the Superintendent of Schools. He is the former Principal of Buena Vista High School and Ricker Middle School, and Assistant Principal of Bridgeport-Spaulding Middle School. After retirement, Desmon completed another goal and published his first book “Giant Slayers,” subsequently he published his second book “Seeing It: If You can’t See It Before You It, You May Never See It.”

Notwithstanding his passion as an inspirational coach, he has been very active within his community and seeks to continue that same level of involvement in Pontiac, his new home. He served as the Executive Minister of Mt. Olive Institutional Missionary Baptist Church from 2009 until 2016. Periodically, the  congregation was treated to an inspiring sermon and very potent singing. As a community leader, Desmon continues to be sought for his leadership, knowledge, and ability to deliver a timely, informative, and whit-filled message. He strives for energizing and leaving his audience craving for more.


Awards and Organizations

Former Board Member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saginaw/Bay City

Saginaw Community Foundation Executive Board

Former Chaplain of the NAACP Saginaw Branch

Frederick Douglas Award for Meritorious Community Service and Leadership

Vice-Chair of the Advisory Council for St. Mary’s Hospital

Past President of Michigan Association of African American Superintendents

Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Michigan Chronicle Man Of Excellence

King Chavez Parks Fellow awarded by CMU

Trusted by the best